Penne Carbonara

pancetta + sweet peas + baby arugula + pecorino romano

Loaded with pancetta, sweet peas, baby arugula and Romano cheese, this crowd pleaser pairs well with a crisp dry wine and our grilled romaine salad.

For the Enthusiast:

Folklore claims that penne carbonara was a dish first devised by Italian woodcutters who made charcoal for fuel. The sturdy penne pasta stood up to the substantial eggs and cheese in this dish. Carbonara may have derived its name from the coal workers and the ground black pepper that resembles coal flakes!

Pairs Well With:

By the Glass: Corzanello Bianco, Toscana, IT
Bottle: Tertre de Launey Sauvignon Blanc, Entre-Deaux-Mer, FR

“Great food, a great experience! Huge shrimp in the shrimp cocktail, a couple of great pastas (try the carbonara)” -zomato