Greek Salad

romaine + feta + tomato + red onion + olives + greek dressing

Fresh, green leafy romaine lettuce, tossed with roma tomatoes, shaved red onions, black and green olives. We sprinkle it with authentic feta cheese and our savory house-made Greek dressing.

For the Enthusiast:

Authentic Greek feta is a white salty cheese traditionally produced from sheep’s milk, or a combination of sheep and goat’s milk. A form of this cheese has been produced in Greece and surrounding areas for at least 1,000 years. Because of its versatility in a variety of dishes, it has become widely popular outside of Greece. The salty intensity of feta packs a lot of flavor in a little bite. True feta is made with sheep’s milk; that’s what Tony’s of Cincinnati uses. Opa!

“The Greek salad is wonderful…” -tripadvisor